Oh! I somehow managed to stay up and on the phone until nearly 4 am last night, blabbing my mouth off about fuck all to all my darlings back Stateside. My family alone takes about three hours each and every time I call, because the phone has to be passed around to five people. I guess it was a white Christmas in Texas this year, which resulted in this year's big Christmas debate amongst the females being over how many white Christmases, in total, the family had seen. This apparently went on all through Christmas Eve night and on into the morning the next day, where my phone call interrupted. I'm told at least one other had been verified through the digging out of an old family photo. Ridiculous. God, I miss them.

Now I've slept in too late and have been running around the flat like mad trying to get myself presentable in time to meet JH, who has just phoned to say she's coming to my neighborhood instead of us meeting in BP, so that buys me an extra 30 minutes. At the moment I'm in leggings and an old football shirt, covered in hair dye and should probably be doing the dishes instead of blogging. This is the part of the day where you really start hoping no one ends up coming back to your flat, because you realize that either you or it are going to have to remain in an unpresentable state. One one of you is definitely going to be seen, so there's little choice in the matter really....

To make matters worse, I've only got two cigarettes left.

Well it's a beautiful sunny day at least. Some other foreign guy will be joining us for the first part of the day and, although I know for a fact I've met him before, I'm really extremely terrible at keeping the foreign guys here in Incheon straight. I can usually remember faces and countries of origin, but that's about it. I always get introduced to them multiple times and as, "Nice to meet you!" is spilling out of my mouth, they're like, "Oh we've already... oh... yeah... I mean I think we... yeah nice to meet you...." It's nothing personal -- it's just that a foreign female out here is a lot easier to remember than a foreign male. There are a hell of a lot fewer of us. This one's American and wears a leather jacket -- I got nothing.

Oh man. Time to boogie. Please someone make time move slower for the next two hours.

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