Roll on.

My day today started with my guitar student stopping by the classroom to tell me that the CDs I burned for him were "really cool" and to give me copies of four of his favorite albums -- Thunder in the East and Soldier of Fortune by a Japanese hard rock band called Loudness, Perfect Timing by MSG and La Estella by Muraji Kaori. He wrote out all the song titles in English, which must have taken him an age. 너무 너무 귀여워. The trouble is, my computer is being a dick about playing the albums. I told him, quite truthfully, that I've been bored to tears with my music recently, but haven't been able to find much good new stuff, and that I would be uploading this really good looking stuff to my mp3 player immediately. Should've done it while I was at work. You know, I only need a computer for so many functions, this being the main one (other than internet access). What in the hell. Well I guess we all know what I'll be using my free period for in the morning.

Speaking of that, I've officially finished all of my lesson planning for the rest of the school year, and most of the winter camps. I'm also only teaching 20-22 classes a week for the next three weeks, down from my regular 27. Boring. I'm going to have to do a lot of tinkering to adjust to teaching the boys at the center with no computers or books, so I suppose that will occupy me for the time being. But really.

Today wasn't so bad because it was my last parents' class, which means I obtained permission from the VP (thanks to the fact that one of the mothers is the school president's mother, and I also get the impression, due to the fact that she often gives speeches at school events, some sort of Korean equivalent to PTA president or something) to spend the last half of the day off campus having 닭갈비 and coffee. They are so incredibly sweet. They brought me a gift of really expensive looking chocolate and a fancy pen that I'm definitely not going to use, because I'll lose it for sure.

Came home and crashed out for almost five hours, I kid you not. I'm so tired and busy these days. In a good way. But I needed the rest. Tomorrow is dinner with JH and I swear to god I won't stay out until 2 am again. Then, this weekend is shopping and planning the Vietnam trip (I'm really serious this time...), plus there are a few new exhibitions opening in museums in Seoul I want to check out.

I realize things around here are quite boring lately, as I'm mostly staying out of trouble and going about my business in a normal, happy manner. I could tell you about The Baby, who has resurfaced yet again, but why bother? I've made no concrete plans to see him and keep dodging it every chance I get. I don't have it in me, for the time being, to make trouble for myself. Early evenings in and weekends spent reading and relaxing, enjoying daylight hours. What can I say? I'm getting old.

Oh, life. Roll on.


Willie said...

i had one class today i seriously want to poke my eyes out. did i read something about shopping? possibly clothes shopping? i need to get a grown-up person winter coat. would you be interested in braving dongdaemun sometime this weekend?

also feliz navidad just because i like speaking mexican on fridays

I'm no Picasso said...

YES. I need a big-boy coat too, but I'm too afraid to go shopping alone. My shoulders are apparently massive. I got one coat but it has half sleeves for some mysterious Korean fashion-based reason. What day is good for you?

Feliz navidad! Olleh!

Willie said...

Smashing! My weekend is wide open with the exception of menorah lighting celebration on sunday. I dont know any details other than I think its in Itaewon (would it be anywhere else?) and there could possibly be food.

How's saturday sounding?