Me and Mimi.

Forgive the dark circles. I need a vacation. But how disgustingly cute!

Sorry Mimi kinda looks like just an eyeball. She's black and therefore blends in with every shirt I own.


cherry garcia said...

mimi looks terrifying in that last photo...but overall i totally want to feed her a carrot. aw.


Heather said...

How crazy cute is Mimi! I heart bunnies. But not the smell of their cages :P

So you mentioned there was a story behind her? With her staying with you, is that her forever home?


Willie said...

Cute!!! I'm glad you found a little furry friend. I had a bunny all through undergrad so this makes me miss her. I forgot how huge their eyeballs are^^ Please dont let the koreans eat her.

LostMyMindInSeoul said...

Mimi is so adorable! I wish I was at all responsible enough to have a pet. Lord knows how many betta fish I accidentally managed to kill off in college.