So, I'm completely platonically in-like with a gyopo we'll call J. I met her yesterday for a sci-fi matinee, and things just got better from there. The best part? We were standing in Dunkin' Donuts, waiting to order our drinks, when she asked if I wanted to stay inside or go outside and find a table or a bench. Then, she turned back around and said, "I'm sorry. I feel the need to say this. I'm just like, really awkward. But I swear I'm a good person."

Awkward? I hadn't noticed. Because I'm really fucking awkward as well, especially in those first meetings, when you've already decided you really like a person, but you don't quite know them well enough to be completely comfortable with them. By the way, that almost never happens to me. I mean, deciding I really like a person before I really know them well.

It's clearly 운명.

After the movie, we walked and talked for ages with our respective beverages, about how we really, really hate to admit it, but we can't get along with many girls, and how coming to Korea made us go through a huge phase of total bullshit, until we both (recently) hit a wall and decided we just couldn't take this shit anymore. We like to stay at home on Friday nights and do our laundry. We like only having three friends. We don't like stumbling around making asses of ourselves at clubs or having our phones ring off the hook.

And we don't like dating.

It's a total bromance, which I realize is a really wrong usage of that word. But I don't know how else to describe it.

This weekend was all around top-notch, despite some glitches early on. Saturday night, after what turned out to just be a huge reminder of why I don't date, C and the gyopo I met a couple of weeks ago (we'll call him S) came over and we sat around drinking terrible ajeosshi whiskey and shooting the shit until 2 am.

This, my friends, is how life is meant to be. Fuck all the rest. Chil'en, I may have just found my group.


Kel said...

speaking of bromance between girls...


I'm no Picasso said...

Haha that's pretty much what I mean. Minus the perving on chicks. Or like a lot of it, I guess. But yeah. Bromance.