Don't even go there.

Pamela says:
If you get arrested and miss your flight
I will come over to Korea and kill you ghetto style
and I can do it too
I watched it be done

I have the best mother in the whole world. That is ridiculous. How do you kill someone 'ghetto style'?

Anyway, that wasn't the kind of "trouble" I meant when I said I would try my best not to get into any tonight, Ma.

Now. Time to shower and get ready to go meet the baby. After he called me freaking out because I didn't answer his text immediately yesterday, and I told him to untwist his panties, he asked me if I would call him "before we are meeting tomorrow". Uh. Okay. What does that mean exactly? Anyone? Hi. It's me. I have nothing to say. I'm calling you before we meet. Goodbye.

Good grief. Liz. Leave it alone. Just leave it alone. Don't even go there.

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