Bring on the waegs.

Oh. OH.

So fucking....

I cannot wait to hang out with foreigners tonight.

Look. I know we're all human beings and all the same and blah blah fucking blah. But anybody who's ever been on either side of the cultural divide will tell you, sometimes you need to just hang with your "own". Where you know your personality, your sense of humor and your way of interacting are all (mostly) perfectly acceptable. And more importantly, people "get" you.

I realize that isn't a PC thing to say. But someone who has lived abroad before (foreign or Korean), please contradict me on this. You know we all have our moments.

Bring on the waegs.

P.S. -- Willie's dressing as a high school student. 변태선생님.

I want to hear at least ten dirty jokes tonight, and somebody better touch me inappropriately. See you dirty foreigners in Itaewon.

(The weather today reminds me of this song, which was once used in a life-changing lecture we attended in high school given by a journalist we were in love with, as an example of how to properly tell "The Story".)

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