Bat Signal.

Who's smooth? I'm smooth.

So, Smalltown's on my big d-bag list for canceling out on the party tonight because his new "girlfriend" wants to see him instead. People who get S.O.'s and then go A.W.O.L. are so... ugh. So where does that leave me? Going to this damn mess of a shenanigan of a party alone, with a ban on inviting anyone who is either male or Korean or both or either (???).

So I sent up the waegookin bat signal. Willie called to bail me out. The problem: does Willie count as a guy? Does Willie count as Korean? ....What? I'm still not clear on the rules, here....

Solution? Fuck it. Willie will be on textual standby, and I'm just going to "run into" him at whatever bar/club we end up at.

Problem solved. And honestly, I can't think of anyone better to watch this train wreck with than Willie. Plus, the lovely Kel (depending on how well she's feeling later on) might be in Hongdae tonight too. If things get really out of hand and we need to bail.

Cool. I'm almost ready to face this now....

And you know. If any of you lovely readers out there are in Hongdae tonight and happen to spot me looking miserable/scared and alone, feel free to run over like you're my best friend in the world and you just had something awful happen that demands my immediate attention outside right away. Or whatever.



Kel said...

Willie does not count. He is clearly half-mexican....hahah! Anyway, it sounds like he is definitely the perfect person to watch this shit show with.

OMG. I need to leave the house but I currently can't even stand up. It's not looking good :(

Being sick is soooo boring!

I'm no Picasso said...


Feel better, my dear.

Kel said...

Maybe you should show up with Willie just to confuse the Baby....bc he technically IS Korean, even though he isn't....and he technically IS a guy, even though he's really an Ajumma inside.