Teacha habuh boyprienduh.

My co-teacher is a genius. She's given up fighting our almost-high school boys about their damn hair and has just started calling the ones who won't cut it into the office where she does it up nice in pretty in a bow or a clip and then takes their photo with her cell phone, being sure to save it and send it to them on their phones. This was made more torturous by the weoneomin (yours truly), who sat in her chair sighing and cooing, "aaah jinjah eepeuda!" They're now officially known as "my pretty girls". Poor babies.

The second graders are shooting up like beanstalks and have begun saying things straight to my face like, "Teacha. Nice-uh shape-uh. Sekshi." Hormones. What a joy.

I was also informed that another new young, single female teacher has been in distress all week by the boys distracted behavior during her class. The homeroom teachers managed to suss the reason and pass it along to me: the boys are spending the entire period pondering her nose and whether or not she's had plastic surgery.

Seungtak, aka Animal, has also been made wangta this week due to the fact that he has a raging case of pink eye. And nobody's allowed to touch me for the next month, because both the swine flu and strep throat are making the rounds. The dirty little bastards managed to catch H1N1 even though none of them have been abroad (shocking, I know, since it clearly hasn't reached Korea at all yet), yet I'm the one who gets a special warning from the nurse that I need to be careful about being around foreigners and "keep [myself] clean". Asshole. How does a country that's so developed in the fields of medicine and science still manage to be so backassed and superstitious?

In other news, one of the babies from last week (Aigee 2) has been holding true to his word to use my phone number. A little too true. He phoned yesterday while I was at work, and then again today. After the second missed call, I got a text all in caps: "HEY WHY DIDN'T PICK UP THE CALL??" Even though I did phone him back last night. I called him on my walk home, with the boys taking the opportunity to shout, "YO YO YO! HEY MAN WASSUP!" into the phone as I walked past.

"Hey why you don't pick up my phone calls!"

"I was working. I'm just now leaving school. Can't you hear the boys?"

"Ooooh. You finish work now?"

"Yes. I finish work now."

We've got a plan to meet on Sunday. Why? Because I have nothing better to do. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

After I hung up the phone, there was a round of, "Teacha. Boyprienduh?" by the surrounding pack of mongrels.

"Boys. Privacy."

"Aah aaaah! Pribacy! Okay! Teacha habuh boyprienduh...."

Fuck sake.

G-Dragon. You go girl:


Willie said...

one of the 5th grade homeroom teachers told me "yo yo whats up" today too! where are they getting this from?

I'm no Picasso said...

I have no idea. It's always the ones who have to ask their friends what you said when you ask, "How are you?" who come out with it, as well.

And someone needs to tell them exactly how lame "put yo' hands up!" is....