Ready to go.

I'm kind of sort of sorted to go home now, I think.

Booked a flight just this morning for $400 less (and one less stop, each way) than I would have a week ago. Pretty pleased about that working out that way. Also, C has been phoning back and forth with me and the vendors who are selling the crap I bought for my family, clarifying last minute issues, so I don't have to stress about everything being in Korean. He's even arranged it so that the building ajeoshi will take the package if it comes when I'm not in.

Now it's just a matter of finishing up a few lesson plans for the week I return, going to immigration to renew my visa (oh for joy), doing the laundry, paying a couple of bills, finishing packing, getting the apartment all spic and span....

Meeting C tomorrow. I was going to finally introduce him to my main co-teacher, as they've both been nattering on about meeting each other for some time. Coteacher is curious about C, how he taught himself English in only two years, how he sounds to be, as she put it, "quite a character". C is curious about my "golden miss" co-teacher who has no interest in getting married, has traveled to over 20 countries, and who is the only person in Korea I truly consider "Unni" or older sister, based on the fact that she can actually give me fantastic life advice whenever I run into any kind of issue. As C put it, "You are smart. If coteacher is smart enough to help you when you don't understand, then coteacher must be very, very smart."

Unfortunately, Coteacher's niece is back in the hospital in Seoul, which means Coteacher's family is coming up tomorrow afternoon for Chuseok, instead of waiting for her to make the trip down for the holiday on Thursday night. Which means this monumental meeting of the minds will have to wait until I return. C's opted to keep our meeting for tomorrow night on, however, as he's begun work on a website and wants to get "your opinion because you are person who is good at understanding human people's minds." Liz is not so good at understanding websites, however, so this could be a small snafu.

Thursday night will be, apparently, meeting Shorty and Smalltown and possibly Smalltown's potential girl for dinner and drinks as a "going away" party. Thank you Shorty and Smalltown for dreaming such a thing up. My flight doesn't leave till 2 pm on Friday, so it will be nice to finally have some guilt-free time with the baby who works on weekends. Plus, Smalltown's potential girl is quite nice company as well, and I do hope to get to know her better.

And yes, I am skipping Korean class right now. And yes, I probably will on Thursday as well. And I'll miss six classes while I'm home. I don't care. I've been feeling damn near to sick lately, due to all of the stress from work and organizing things for another year in the ROK and preparing to go home. I'm going to take it easy on myself this week, and do my best not to feel guilty about it. It was all getting just a bit too serious, there for a while. I've finally realized that this Korean class thing is going to be going on for a long time, and I'm going to have to take it easy if I want to stay sane and not give up on it entirely. Sometimes, I'm going to miss classes. It's okay. I don't think many people could cope with the schedule I've somehow designed for myself and stay balanced without granting themselves some flexibility. And, as always, my job and my health come first.

So. On that note, I'm going to go now and chain smoke and eat ice cream for dinner while finishing the latest Korean drama I've been watching and probably go to bed too late. Ha.

In other news, you'll notice three new lovely ladies over in the sidebar. All are Western women living in Korea. One is the lovely Kelly, who has been around for ages (obviously), but who, for some reason, I never added, just because I always forget to do things like that. Next is Diana, who found me through a particularly spirited thread about Western women and Korean men on Dave's. And finally, there's Dating in Korea. I fully support any blog that's mostly about racking up as many pretty Korean men as one can. Not that that's what I do, by any stretch of the imagination. Ahem. Sometimes I do wish this blog was slightly more anonymous so I could tell a bit more, though. I'm jealous.

Say hello, boys and girls!


Kel said...

ooh thanks for the sidebar add!! enjoy the stateside visit, can't wait to read your blogs from across the ocean...I have a feeling they will be ... good. hahaha....

Diana E. said...

I've been added! Haha. Have a great time in the US. Sometimes, I have also wished for blog anonymity to post stuff I don't really want my "real life" people to know about... but then I think I could just start another blog that IS anonymous. If I really wanted to.

doing it said...

I also see you added me ^^
I enjoy your blog as well.

--hooking up in hanguk

I'm no Picasso said...

Hooking Up -- love your stuff. Found you through the other blogs. Keep up the good "work".