Few quick notes.

Just a few quick notes before bed:

1. Whoever's googling "scoring hongdae girls" and then clicking on my blog, just... don't. Okay? Don't.

2. Apparently Smalltown and I have a double date with Shorty (formerly known as Aigee 2) and some random girl on Sunday. Great. That should be a complete waste of time. I actually don't know how I got drawn into this at all. It started out as, "Liz, [Smalltown]... you want Korean boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Liz: "No."

Smalltown: "Sure."

Shorty: "Okay I find you girl!"

Even though I passed on Smalltown's phone number with the express purpose of not being involved in this at all, Shorty just called to see if I have time on Sunday so that Conor can meet a girl. We're all four going together. Yippee skippy.

Smalltown said, on the phone, just now, when I explained this all to him: "So we're going on a double date together on Sunday basically then?"

"Yeah. I guess so."

"You'll have to be opening your mind to this younger generation, now, Liz my dear!"

To which I said: "All I have to say to that is... actually I have nothing to say to that. Goodnight."

3. Sitting outside at a plastic table eating chicken and drinking beer with C until almost midnight. I doubt I'll regret it in the morning.

He tried to come back to my apartment because he knows it's colossally dirty at the moment, and it's one of his goals to see my apartment when it's dirty. The boy's come a long way from, "Going to a girl's apartment alone is not part of Korean culture." It has to be said.


Kel said...

ok sorry, I won't google "scoring hongdae girls" anymore, I promise.

But for real, yeah, the google searches that were leading people to my blog made me take it OUT of search engines a few months ago!! Creepy.

I'm no Picasso said...

You're totally excused for googling "scoring hongdae girls". But I think we both know it was not you, or anyone like you, who was doing such things.

I mean. Do you really need to resort to google to research scoring with girls in Hongdae? Can't you just sort of go there and hang around for long enough?

For some reason, an absurdly high number of people from India find my blog by searching for "hot teacher".

Well. They've got my number.

MikejGrey said...

scoring hongdae girls, huh?


MikejGrey said...

Now that you've put that in your blog that should triple the hits for it.