It's not easy to learn speaking, right?

나는 요즈음 매우 열심히 공부하고 있어요. 하지만 나는 말할 수 없어요. 나는 소심한 사람이에요. 괜찮 아요. 난 극복할거예요. 화이팅.


Igniz said...

somehow, i can see your point here. it's never easy i guess.

cherry garcia said...

your mug looks cute.

MikejGrey said...

cheap cheap cheap

I'm no Picasso said...

Igniz: A friend told me over dinner last night that I should start speaking Korean, instead of just listening, because they speak English and it's not fair. He says he knows I can. Really starting to feel the pressure, now.

Stepho: It is cute! It's my studying Korean mug.

Magnes: Seriously, when are you coming back?

MikejGrey said...

As soon as I get rejected from Grad school, or totally fail here I'll be back. Or at the very least we'll meet up somewhere next somewhere for a vacation.

How's your summer vacation going?

I am boring