My family.

My little cousin has just informed me that apparently my entire family is gearing up in excitement for the fact that they've decided it's likely I will bring home a Korean husband soon. The complete and utter bizarreness of this cannot even be explained. I've given them no reason to hope such a thing would come to pass, let alone in the near future. Also, I would think they would be quite unhappy with the prospect of me marrying a (to them) foreigner, thereby permanently laying roots in a country halfway around the world. Guess not. Thanks, guys.

I had absolutely no clue my family was so gungho about me doing the settling down thing. My whole life I've made it clear that it's not my cup of tea and possibly never would be, and I thought they'd given up on me long ago.

This is odd.

Ma, if you're listening, don't count your ducks just yet. The "B" word is still far from tumbling out of my mouth, let alone the "F" word, let alone the big one that starts with an "H". Just hold your horses. And stop talking about me when I'm not there.



Igniz said...

heh, sometimes our family think about us much more than we do to ourselves:)

cherry garcia said...

but if you do...

i can throw you a bachelorette party at the solid rock...and you can register at william sonoma.

they have loads of lovely pancake pans!

Anonymous said...

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