The third graders.

No Sunday would be complete without dak galbi, and a walk through the neighborhood with Mike while being assaulted by students. Today it was the cool guys, the kings of the school -- the most enthusiastic greeting I've received yet, keeping the company of a few boys from a neighboring school. "ASSAH!" They came barrelling toward me down the sidewalk. Animal took my hand and wouldn't let go.


"... Nuku? Who nuku? Mweoh?"

"Na nuku?" Speaking to me in broken Korean. Charming.

"Na nuku? Animal."


You love it, you little bugger. Another: "I handsome guy. I handsome guy. Hey. Hey. I handsome guy."

Animal again: "Odi kayo?"

I pointed down the street. "Bbang."

They completely ignored Mike, and when I asked what they were doing, the answer was, "I am from Korea." My best and brightest, obviously.

I patted Animal on the back and yanked back my hand. "I'll see you tomorrow."

After stopping in the bakery, strolling up the block back toward my place, I turned to Mike and said, "Was one of those boys yelling 'fuckee' after us?"

"I believe so."

"That better not have been one of mine...."

I hope this week goes by quickly, and I have a feeling that it will. Wednesday is Lotte World. Then, Friday Mike and I have plans to start work on a beer bottle chandelier. Which will, of course, involve the drinking of quite a bit of decent beer. All while watching The Office and The Big Lebowski. Again.

Tomorrow it's my dream school -- third graders only. Bring it on.

The current classroom no. 1:

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