Lotte World.

Christ on a cracker. My day began with me stumbling out of my apartment at 6:45 am, only to be greeted by approximately 75 screaming students in the subway station.






Uh. No. I made a mad dash through the turnstile to make the train that had just pulled in and escape to Bupyeong before they could pile on behind me. Three and a half days later, I arrived at Lotte World, where I was, as suspected, eventually partnered up with the PE teacher. He was a good partner, even though he kept telling everyone we met throughout the day that I don't scream, or make a single noise, on the rides. "Aren't you scared?" Not really. First of all, I'm an adult. Secondly, I spent all four years of high school summers riding roller coasters ten times as big, long and fast as this nearly every weekend.

At some point, we did the Asian sticker photo booth thing, which was a first for me. It had the bizarre option of adding "선생님 사랑해요~" -- "Teacher I love you~". And so, we did.

And the only thing I refused to ride was the bumper cars.

The boys were quite taken with my non-work clothes. I was told all day what good fashion I have, but that happens at work as well, especially when I wear my red tie. Still, they were impressed with how cool their teacher is, when she's not at least half-way trying to meet a dress code. Home Plus, boys. You too can be this cool.

They were quite impressed with the PE teacher for taking me in his charge, as well. They kept shouting at him in Korean as we passed, Oh! You can speak English?! He'd just stick his chest out a little, without breaking his stride.

Around 2 pm, they started to -- there's really no other way to put this -- wilt. I was quite surprised, because they have so much energy throughout the school day, but once they were set loose on the world and told to have fun, they ran out of motivation pretty quickly. I kept shouting at groups of half-dozing boys slumped on benches, as we passed, saying, "HEY HEY HEY! This isn't English class! Why do you look so sad? Go have fun!"


Tomorrow's going to be a disaster. The third graders are going to be asleep, the second and first graders are going to have just returned from God knows what -- apparently, reports have been coming in that the second graders have been torturing the teachers on this trip by playing the "fainting game" which involved pressing pillows over each other's faces until they pass out, and some sort of real life version of Frogger where, anytime the bus stops at a service station, they dash madly out into six lanes of traffic to see who can make it to the median of the highway first. Boy, am I ever glad I decided to stay. Needless to say, every last teacher is going to be exhausted.

Now, just to be a bit random (well, not really random -- I watched a martial arts performance at Lotte World today), top five things that make me irrationally attracted to the opposite sex:

1. Magic tricks of any kind
2. Winking
3. Martial arts
4. Motorcycles
5. Brooding

I'm probably going to bed now. Oh! And my nephew is on his way!

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