How Korean are my Thursday nights, now? That's right, bitches. There's now kimchi in my apartuh.

Today I got hit in the face with a baseball, used my mad Korean listening skills to prevent a fight at the very last minute, and saw a knife-wielding student threaten to stab both teachers and students. The nightmare class was only half disaster. The badass kid has decidedly come around this time -- we're friends now, truly. And he's going to make it through and so am I. The half disaster was my fault this time, but I'll fix it next time.

Tomorrow, I see the lovely C again, and Garfield and H and J. And now, I'm off to meet Mike for wangalbi and moderate portions of soju. It's the weekend now Liz -- forget it all! I'll keep Coteacher's advice in mind....

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Igniz said...

a baseball hit your face?ouch..