Vacation woes.

My more recent plan to get out to one of the islands for Children's Day is quickly going tits up, due to the whole "Party Island" thing. I was hoping Deokjeokdo was only invaded at Chuseok, but my suspicions that Children's Day would result in a similar influx of drunken native teachers has recently been confirmed by a little google legwork.

I'm just trying to get out of the city for a while. I have no desire to enact the beach party scene from every crappy American teen movie ever for my precious five days of anti-anual-leave-detracting vacation.

The WWOOFing plan has gone awry due to a WWOOF policy of a minimum one week stay. Free labor is free labor, is it not? Isn't there one poor old farmer who will let me pick his cabbage for four days?

Now I'm still contemplating an intermediary plan of going to the green tea fields in Boseong, but apparently April/May is peak season for lovey dovey Korean couple tourism to the area. The mist over the tea fields is so romantic. Let's pay 5,000 Won for the tour and hold hands.

Can't everyone just fuck off and leave me one semi-empty ferry to a quiet island where no one speaks English or sells t shirts? Why is this so hard?

Don't even mention Jejudo, or I'll cry.

Now I'm going to go lay in bed and flip through my stupid guidebook while sulking. If someone manages to find a decent min bak in the middle of podunk-fucking-nowhere in the meantime, please do let me know. Maybe I'll just pack a bag, get on a bus and see what happens.

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MikejGrey said...

You could always see if you can find a last minute flight to some other country cheaply. Vietnam, Indonesia, uh....whatever else is around here. The Dominican Republic? I'm good at finding cheap flights apparently. I can help you look. with the currency exchange you won't spend much money. Just don't go to thailand around this time. Dave's ESL forum is there fucking prostitutes.