Number giving to me.

So, there's this guy who won't fucking leave me alone about linking to his blog or some such nonsense. I think his name is Gary. Whatever. He's here. Now, leave me alone, you bossy bastard.

Today was another round of let's try to get Cutie Teacher's phone number. I said, "You will call me? In English? In English?"

"Uh... you... Englishee ... question asking. I call... Uh!" Mimes pressing buttons on the phone and holds it to his ear. "Hello Cutie Teacher! I Englishee asking!"

"No, thank you."

"Ah bali! Number giving to me!"

"No, thank you."

Some photos.

Alone in the English Zone.

You can only barely make out the kimchi they've spilled all over the floor. And I believe that's a student holding another student upside down, in the background....

Cutie Pie sucking his thumb to demonstrate his nickname.

My favorite class -- 3-13, with Strong Baby in his red belt there in the middle.

This photo is posed to look deceptively serene. This:

is more like it.

The neighborhood:

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