I love them. You know that. But why the hell are they so easily confused?

Make-up classes. I can't say whether it's actually the students' fault, or the teachers', given that some homeroom classes showed up, in their entirety, and some, obseo, in their entirety. Luckily, Badass #1 and #1.5 (he's so much of a sidekick to no. 1 that he doesn't deserve a whole number's separation) decided to show. Albeit about fifteen minutes late. Ridiculous. Haphazard. Schedule changeeeeeed. Wae?!

Ugh. 1 and 1.5 were being stupid again today. I sent them out in the hall so we could continue our "conversation" lesson. The idiots sat in front of the glass windows and proceeded to participate from the other side. My lessons are so much more interesting when you're barred from them. When we got to, "Men are smarter than women: agree or disagree", the entire class disagreed. When I asked if anyone agreed, they pointed in unison to the windows where two hands where being held proudly above two idiot skulls. I said, "Oh. How surprising. Do you trust the people on the other side of the window about who is smart?" Ahniyo.

Me neither.

After class, they got to push in chairs and erase the board. 1 was taking his dear, sweet time with the board erasing, so I asked, "What's wrong? Handicapped?" In case you didn't know, all of my students are either "crazy" or "handicapped", depending on the day. At which point he started to move his hand in a repetitive twitch and moved his eyes autistically to the side.

1.5: "Teacher he handicapped!" Yes, my sweet. I'm aware of that. I've just pointed it out, in fact.

"Ya... Handicapped's partner? Is that better?"

1: "Me! Handicap Olympics!"

Me: "Special Olympics. And I think you would lose. Come here."

They stand in front of me, side by side, with big idiotic grins. "You two... you two...."

"You two?"

"You. One. Two. You two. Trouble. Why? Wae?"

"Teacher I am sorry."

"You sure are."



A swift bop on the top of the head with a rolled up book for each: "Don't talk in my class!" Bop. "Don't talk in my class!" Bop. "Cuhreom, na ga!"

Ten minutes later, I shit you not. A dark silohette moves across the other side of the glass. I stand up and point. "What the....! YA!"

"Teacher we hide!"

"What what what what are you DOING? Why are you still here? Do you love school so much?" 1 stands just on the other side of the door inside a classroom. I pull the door closed and hold it, looking at him through the glass window. "What are you going to do now? Trapped."


"Wae wae wae? Something wrong? You love school. You want to stay all night."

"Ahniyo! I go! I go!"

I let him out.

"Go home! GA!"

"Shee you tomorrow!"


Wahahahaha. Teacher so funny.

What do you do? I have no idea.

Today, I was walked home by a pack of first graders. We recited all of the days of the week, and then the months. They are from Canada. Some of them are crazy; others are handicapped.


Fun and Fearless said...

Haha... Hak-saeng-duhl-i jong-mal mi-cho-sso. But they are funny. Reminds me of my previous students. ^^, Cute


"Kurom, na ga." is "Then , I go." am I right? ^^

I'm no Picasso said...

"Kureom" happens all the time... literally all the time. Just like "jincha", and it can be used a load of different ways, from my understanding. I think the best words to compare it to in English are, "then", "so" and "now", all pretty much as they are used at the beginning of a sentence. You can also use it as a sort of awkward goodbye, from what I've seen.

"Na" does mean "I" but from what I understand, "na ga" is the equivalent of "get out". "Ga" is go, so maybe it's like "leave me"? I'm not sure...