It's always raining in Insadong.

We took Tasha to Insadong yesterday. It was quite nice to go back after six months, after becoming much more comfortable in Korea -- no longer too shy or nervous to step into all of the shops, grab a bite to eat.

Part of the reason we decided to go there was because we knew we could get temple food, which is vegetarian (as is Tasha). What we didn't know is that a sign that read "Temple Food" would lead us to a fucking gorgeous, but all together way overpriced little restaurant, run by a FORMER monk. 116 thousand Won later....

But we didn't regret it. It was a nice atmosphere. And the food was stunningly displayed. But to be honest, everything we had there, we've already had in various formations for 5,000 Won at your run-of-the-mill Korean restaurant.

Ho hum. Blurry cell phone photos ahoy.

Mags and a line of rickshaws.

Inside the restaurant.

Beautiful, overpriced food.

So good to see her again.

I don't know why I look so fucking cheeky in this photo. I think it's because Mike said, "That's the face you're going to make?" right before he took it, and I decided to make it even better.


Gary said...

How much is 116000 won?

I'm no Picasso said...

You know this is always a fucked question to answer, thanks to the exchange rate, so to put it in perspective, let me say a cup of Starbucks coffee cost about 5,000 Won.

Gary said...

£64 for the three of you? That's not so bad!

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah it doesn't work like that though. I don't know how to explain this -- although it exchanges to about 60 Pounds, within the country (just like with the dollar) on living wages, 116,000 Won is more like 116,000 Pounds. I can go to a "nice" restaurant and eat for 10,000 Won.

Anyway, I think you probably would have bitched your face off about it -- temple food is all just plants they gather from the forest. I won't take you there... you'd demand another, real meal within the hour.