I'm a stubborn man; the sun needs my command.

I can't help it. I'm a total sap for spring weather. These are the days we get in Texas all the time, where "weather" is described as anything other than clear and sunny, rather than the other way around.

And I'm a sucker for those boys. Just can't stay down too long when I see them all day every day. And today I got to see Cutie Pie, who all the other boys are jealous of, because I can't stop going on about how fucking cute he is.

Meh. What do I really have to complain about? Still, yesterday was pretty emo. It's the sick. It makes me whiny. Way, way too whiny. As do random "some changees" to my schedule/routine at work. Can't cope with the drama. Not everything needs to be bali bali -- not everything requires a reaction similar to one might have as to something important somewhere being on fire.

In other news, the P and VP think I'm fucking adorable and were happy to see that, apparently, my color has returned and I am looking adequately cheerful once again. I think the whole school held its breath for a couple of days, half-convinced I might be secretly plotting a run. Even the students have noticed that "Lee-suh Sunsengnim happy today!"

What did not make me happy today was the ridiculously complicated process it takes to get an international money order in this country. It didn't make my co-teacher very happy, either. Stupid tax form shenanigans. And I've still got a package somewhere on the loose in this country. I hope it's not on its way back stateside. There's microwave popcorn in that box. And short sleeved shirts.

Today was just too beautiful to come straight home. After spending the afternoon lounging in the sun in front of the sandpit at school, watching the students blast off bottle rockets and fly model airplanes, I met Mike in Bupyeong to buy new shoes -- first time ever, pre-hole situation developing. I'm coming along nicely. Walking around through the sunny streets. We saw Rufio from Hook. I'm not even kidding -- dead ringer. Ask Mike if you don't believe me. Dinner, coffee. Having exchanges with high school boys through the window.

I've been half considering moving to a high school next year, as teaching the third graders is so much more interesting to me than the second graders, because you can get into more complicated things. But I would definitely want to stick with boys, and I'm not sure, given my rather extensive (at this point) experience with high school boys that it would be the best idea. They seem like a total hormonal handful.

Ah. Why don't they have stoops in Korea? This is the beginning of stoop-sitting season. In any case, it's definitely one of my goals for the next few weeks to get out in the neighborhood a little more. Every time I walk home from school without headphones in, I manage to get drawn into some random group of old people gathered on the side of the road selling various items on the sidewalk and cooking food on camping equipment in the back of trucks. Perfect opportunities for practicing my pathetic Korean, as they manage to remember the words for "beautiful eyes". There's always one ancient adjumma who grabs me by the hand and makes me eat something she explains in Korean I can't understand, and there's always one baseball cap wearing adjosshi who somehow speaks basic introductory English and walks me part of the way home, wishing me a "good afternoon" as I go.


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