As friends.

Nah, it's alright kiddies. Didn't mean to startle anyone. Just didn't mean to stay out till sunrise again. It's all very innocent, very un-"fuck", so don't worry.

Somehow talked Mike into going to the regular last night, but he kept to his guns and left at 11. I just wasn't ready to go home, so I assessed the situation at hand and decided I should be perfectly capable of staying out with Small Town (aka (As Friends)) and remaining 100% nonsense free.

Success, my darlings.

We simply slowly sipped our beers and chatted for absolute ages about all kinds of things I think we've both probably been dying for someone to talk to about. Visual art, poetry, religion, moralism, culture, man's inherent drive toward chaos....

Well. Plus the good stuff, like, how the fuck do you control the really defiant little fucks in your classroom? And what does it mean when someone has a "punchable face"? And why is that guy in the stripey shirt over there trying to pull that girl so fucking hilarious?

In short, it was a really decent night. Much needed. I daresay I've almost nearly actually made a friend.

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