Sleepy head.

Grumpy grumpy grumpy. I don't wanna go to work. Every morning I wake up and know I have to go in and face a day without teaching feels like being shoved back into a cage. And it doesn't help that it's 20 fucking degrees out. Bed is way, way too warm. Someone cast a spell and make the next two weeks disappear. Please?

The Great Happiness Space better have finished downloading by the time I get home today. Fucking great documentary I suddenly got the urge to watch again last night. At least I've got a few more episodes of The L Word to look forward to, although Shane is with Jenny now, which is total bullshit. I'm way too emotionally involved in this television show....


MikejGrey said...

There's a ghost in my school who turned on the heat in the VP's office.

I've peaked in twice.

No one is in there.

No one is in the school.

No pooples

Maybe the pulpoo poople eater got him?

I'm no Picasso said...

The really nice married PE teacher who doesn't speak any English is the only one in my office, yet.

The boys are running up and down the hall doing Gilbert Grape screams and wearing their street clothes.

People have spoken lots of Korean to me already this morning and I've understood it all. And I'm getting kimbap. Not too bad a start, I guess. Plus the doors/windows are closed....