Safe and sound.

Home safe and sound. Have been traveling nonstop the last three days -- Austria to Germany to France to Dubai to home. Am in desperate need of a shower and sleep, but have a heart so filled up with love, it's hard to even explain. I'll get around to it.

Paris was a letdown, just as I thought it would be. But there are reasons for that, which I have thought about in quite a great amount of detail. Later, I'll get into it. For now, let a perfect quote from my new Japanese friend Yoshi sum it up: "I like Paris, but I cannot find the chaos in this city."

I missed Korea more than I have the will to explain. As I've said before (and repeated often these last few days), I don't miss anything after just two weeks. But there you have it. There's a first time for everything. And that, in and of itself, is serious.

It's like when you realize for the first time that you're in too deep with a person. Well, it's like when I realize for the first time that I'm in too deep with a person. Missing something that much is not something I feel comfortable with, but by the time you're at the point where you finally realize what's going on, it's usually already too late.

Sleep, now. Details in the morning.


likethenina said...

Welcome back:)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tuttle said...

Yoshi is a good summarizer.

Korea is imminently missable--you know how I love it here, so I understand.

Welcome back!

PS I'm going to China for a week, but I don't think that's time enough to miss Seoul.

cherry garcia said...

well, i for expect a detailed report report and photographs, obviously.

i'd say i'd like a letter soon, but i've not even mailed your package off, because i only kind of know where the post office is denton (i'm lazy)

i did however buy you a new tiny gift, if that helps.

shame you disliked paris since you talked about it for ages. i really want you to like italy, but you probably won't. i think its better than paris, don't tell my memere...although, i don't think she likes paris that much anymore.

uh...yeah, so i'm off for a shower. x

cherry garcia said...

i for one*

hey, i just woke up.