Fuck knows what I've done to myself but it was not a good idea.

Fuck it. I wanted to have a happy fucking new year's.

Our girl stayed out all night. And, dear reader, what I have to say next may be shocking, but it's true.

She fucking danced. For hours.

I'm somewhat determined, at this point, to stay up and watch the sunrise. Someone at the bar said something about white eyebrows if I don't.

All I know is, I'm never answering my phone again. I don't even remember who all I gave the fucking the number to.


Stupid, but happy.

Mike will probably never forgive me. Some time just before two, he left to find a taxi home. I did manage to get a Korean to write his train station down in Korean before he left, though. I hope that counts for something.

It was classic, anyway, out on the dance floor. All the waegookin looking for Koreans, and the Koreans looking for waegookin.

The theme of the night was, "I am sorry. My English not so good." It's okay -- you don't need English to dance. And it was fucking nice to level the playing field for once.

Now I'm going to bed for a very, very long time.


cherry garcia said...

please PLEASE tell me there is a video?

i hope you twisted the night away, hotcake.

glad you had a good one.


I'm no Picasso said...

Well... there is. But it's not in my possession. And I put a stop to it as soon as I noticed it was going on.

Also why are you NEVER on msn, even when you are?

MikejGrey said...


what time did you end up leaving?

and hey, i got home in one piece and im pretty sure the cab driver didnt rip me off

i'm old

i don't stay out past 1 anymore

I'm no Picasso said...

Looked down at my watch and it was 5 am. I thought I should be heading home. Got here around 5:30.

And of course, I can't fucking stay asleep.

I wanna know what was in those shots. There was absolutely no reason for me to be as intoxicated as I was.

Anyway, you still up for Bucheon today?

MikejGrey said...

Sure if you are. But not for a few hours at least.

Where do we meet up going there? At dab as usual?

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah that sounds good. Just got out of the shower and moving slow today, for obvious reasons.

I think probably DAB, but I'll check and let you know for sure.

MikejGrey said...

Sounds good

I'm about to take a shower

my throat hurts

I don't think the chainsmoking last night helped.... I need some decent tea with honey in it

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah I think I need a full medical examination. And three nights of solid sleep. Oh well.

We'll find you tea today.

Also, I'm already getting texts from last night. I didn't think people actually used the numbers they get at bars....

MikejGrey said...

Any fun texts?


I think I'll be ready to leave at 3 the earliest.

cherry garcia said...

you should get them and send them to me. yuss.

also, wha? i'm always on when i'm on, unless i'm away or showering.