Back to reality.

I really, really cannot cope with the Korean public education system's way of doing things. I just got a phone call on a fucking holiday to inform me that they forgot about a class I'll have to teach during the second week of English camp to English teachers. They can't tell me where it is or how many teachers will be there or how many hours a day it is, because they can't find the fucking document. But they think it will be about four hours for three days. Which means I have to come up with an additional 12 hours of material, and I won't know exactly how much or what kind (based on class size) until the seventh, because no one will be in the office to try to find the document until then, because everyone is on vacation.

And when someone does come to the office to find the document seven days before I have to have 12 hours of material prepared, it will be my fucking useless coteacher who doesn't ever show up to class and doesn't actually speak a fucking word of English. I mean like, when I ask her how she is, she giggles and says, "Yes..." kind of not speaking English.

This also means one of two things -- either, for the last three days of camp, I will be teaching for 8 hours a day, not including travel time between my school and wherever the fuck this other class is and lunch, or I will have the last three days of the material I've already finished preparing and have been working on for a month canceled. And if I am teaching both, then I get to have the overtime pay argument. For which I'm sure there will be many, many reasons why I shouldn't be paid extra, even though I'll be going over my contracted teaching hours by nearly double.

It's enough to drive one to drink. If I weren't already extremely fucking hungover, for the second day in a row. But I might give it a shot, anyway.

I love my job when I'm actually given room to do it. But this shit is insane. And it's stressing me out way too much. What a way to start the year.

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