My package from home arrived today. Clothes that fit. Well, sort of. Now I have jeans that hang off of me and jeans that are just every so slightly too tight. That's fantastic. But hey. Give it a few more weeks.

I also got my movies from home, which I stupidly, stupidly forgot to pack. Even though I specifically remember laying on the couch the night before my flight and drilling it into my brain to grab them on my way out. But now they are here, safe and sound, and I am a very happy bunny.

I should have asked for this for Christmas:

Laundry's done. Hair has been cut. Bathroom is clean. Now I'm dealing with a stinking, fridge hogging kimchi situation head-on. In the meantime, I need to make up my mind about whether I want to go out tonight, or if I want Mike to come here so we can cook dinner and lesson plan and then watch The Dreamers (it has been far, far too long). I think I'll end up going for the latter. Then tomorrow can be a time wasting, dicking around out-and-about day.

Days are way too long when you wake up before the sun and don't have work. But I kind of like it.

In other news, all of my Peaches songs are stuck in a stupid format because I stupidly purchased them from that awful iwhore company that ruins people's lives. So now I can't put them on my non-iwhore mp3 player. I'm well pissed off about this.

Right. Time to tackle the kimchi.


ryan said...

there's a little trick you can use for your music to make them into usable MP3s.

put in a cd-r and burn the songs you want onto it using itunes.

then in your itunes go to "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> it should automatically be in the "General" tab. Look down for the "When you insert a CD" the default is "Ask to Import CD"

next to that is "Import Settings". click on that. then change the "Import using" to "MP3 Encoder"

now put the original CD you burned back in. rip the songs off of it and you now have MP3s.

to find them. right click on the MP3 song in itunes and choose the third option down "Show in Windows Explorer".

sorry it's so long. i hate stupid itunes files and am always happy to show someone how to beat the system.

-a fellow expat

I'm no Picasso said...

God bless you! I will certainly give that a whirl. And hello!