A lovely day at work, minus the Japanimation. That stuff is so filthy. But Mr. K insisted on showing it in the two classes I had with him today. When he asked if I understood the plot, I said vaguely. He told me sometimes these kinds of films can be very complex and I informed him that them being in Japanese with Korean subtitles didn't help much.

Mr. K. I don't speak Korean. Why is that so hard to remember?

We had a slight confrontation in the office this morning when he came in to tell me he had waited for me for fifteen minutes for lunch yesterday. I guess I accidentally caused a commotion, because I went to pay a bill after, and he came into my office right after I left looking for me only to be laughingly informed by the office smartasses (Sharp Dressed Man and his doofy gym teacher sidekick) that I had just put on my shoes and coat and left. Loss of face, and that. I just told him the alternative schedule confused me (which, to be fair, it did....). "How about having lunch together today? We will meet same spot as usual."

Er. Okay. Sorry.

After lunch he forced his class VP to speak English to me and then suggested we go for a walk off campus to smoke. Which means ALL of the students, who were out on the field, saw us walking out together. So much for appearing independent.

Some of the little snots from the prestigious and expensive school up the road walked past and shouted hi in my face. He said they were very rich and very well educated. I told him they were also often very rude. He laughed and said, "I think they recognize you because you are foreigner." Precisely. And I don't like their little tyke attitudes when they do. He said our students are very poor compared to them, and I told him I would take our students hands down any day of the fucking week. Minus the fucking. Because I don't swear at work.

Third graders in droves today. Up to about forty or fifty of them now. They're all taller than me as well, so I feel quite intimidated when they crowd around. My Friend was pretending to be a cowboy, because I'm from Texas, and I got loads of attention when I informed them that I had shot a gun before. CHINCHA?! Yes, chincha.

They have a habit of bringing newcomers to me and introducing them by pointing out an odd (and often times unflattering) physical feature. Today was, "He. Pig." I said he looked quite strong to me. "Football player."

"Ooooooooh. Football player. You very strong man." He flexed.

Then there was, "He. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig head." I said his head looked quite normal to me.

And finally, "He. Monster." This one confused me. This boy looked rather ordinary. Then they gave him an order in Korean and he stuck out his tongue, which was fucking massive. "Oh my god..."

"See? Monster!"

Yeah. Maybe a bit.

I also took one of Coteacher's second grade classes alone. They were carrying on a bit while I was trying to introduce vocabulary (to kill time, really) before playing the film. I shouted at them. "HEY!"

Immediate silence.

"Wow. Thank you."

They all laughed at this reaction.

I hold the belief (firmly) that second graders are at least 65% more human than first graders, who are still predominately animal in nature. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like with the new babies coming in. I've heard around town that sixth graders (grade before first in middle school) are infamous nightmares to teach. Great. I can't wait.

Ah. And shortly, I will leave to meet Mike at the subway station for our fantastic Christmas Eve. I'm starving. I've been looking forward to this all day.

See? I had classes today and I'm like a fucking ray of sunshine. The students really do make all the difference.

In other news, when Mr. K took me to his office today for coffee, I confirmed that the gorgeous gym teacher is indeed the one who lives in my apartments. "You have been introduced to him?" Mr. K asked. I said no, but I would like to be. Mr. K looked over at the gym teacher for a minute, then back at me. "Ah. Maybe next time."


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