Bunnies, Bi and whiskey plans.

I'm going to get a bunny.

Tonight I went to Mike's so that I could get a few things from E Mart and mail an important document. I'm trying to make better use of the weekdays so that the weekends aren't so filled with pressure to get a million things done. Yesterday, after our "business trip", Mike and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant with our coteachers and some other random guy. Then I came home and did the grocery shopping. Today was a mission to pick up a few things I've needed around the apartment and just haven't gotten to.

Anyway, we were on the run from an approaching sales person after I took a small peak at the mp3 players when we saw them there, all in a little glass fish tank. They're really small -- I'm not sure how big they will get. But they're fucking adorable. One was looking at Mike. He didn't think that was cute.

I miss my cat, but I feel like a cat is too much of a commitment for my current situation. I think a bunny would be manageable, but I should probably do a little reading first. One way or another, you all should know by now how I am once I get an idea in my head. Mike says he's against the whole bunny project, but won't give me a good reason why, other than bunnies are not like dogs. Damn straight they're not like dogs. I will never own a dog -- unless I end up on some farm in West Texas somehow. Dogs are way too much work. He also says I can't name it Kimchi, but doesn't have a good reason for that either.

Today I got swarmed, quite literally, by third graders at work. They were in dicking around during the cleaning period, about twenty or thirty of them. One was showing me how fast he can solve a Rubik's Cube, when another noticed that I had a photo of Bi on my monitor, as I am using it to review vocabulary about the parts of the face. They all crowded in around the desk and asked me if I think Bi is handsome. I said yes, very, but he has too many muscles. Then My Friend spontaneously busted out with the entire song and dance routine from "It's Raining". That kid is classic.

It's here, if you're curious:

Another kid then told me he was Bi's brother -- Sunny. I think that's one of the best jokes I've heard since I got here.

We're planning a good Friday in an attempt to get this weekend off to the right start, and I'm doing everything I can to make sure that this weekend is a good one. Mr. Wan is checking with S about meeting in Hongdae on Saturday. Friday will be a way overpriced bottle of whiskey (I just miss it too much, with the weather getting colder...), my apartment, steaks and home made french fries, and country music. Probably a good dose of standup comedy as well. I asked Mr. Wan if he was busy on Friday, and he says he has an "appointment", but after I told him our plans and told him he was welcome to join, he said his appointment might get cancelled. So hopefully he can make it.

There are a few things Mr. Wan has been pushing for. One is that I should get a phone (which I will make him help me with if he comes on Friday, since we'll be in the shops anyway to get the whiskey). Another is for me to let him see my apartment (I don't know why -- I've been here not even two months and only came with two suitcases -- it isn't much of anything). And the third is for me to learn how to cook (which I will be doing on Friday). So. I think the appointment should get cancelled. I might even do some whining/nagging tomorrow to help this along a little. I can be decent at being a girl when it works to my advantage.

A prime example of this is when asshole Fake Coteacher walked in on me and Mr. Wan in the men's room smoking today. Fake Coteacher is pretty kiss-ass with the VP, and he's the one person who cannot know about me smoking in the men's room. So, I just made sure to make a comment to Fake Coteacher about how he smokes real men's cigarettes, as opposed to Mr. Wan's, which are small and wimpy. I hope that did the trick.

Now I'm going to bed early because I'm old and tired.

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