This blogging at work thing is hit or miss, so I'll just take this chance now to say a big Happy Birthday to the lovely Miss Iva today, and in two days, the equally aesthetically (and in many other ways) pleasing Mr. Sawyer.

Tomorrow I get a bank account and internet at home. Oh boy. I know you just can't wait.

Maybe then I'll write about things besides school, because I won't always be at school when I'm writing.

Try to calm yourselves.

In the meantime, the third graders are coming in the morning now too. Apparently the game is called foot baseball, even though it's really just soccer with a baseball, and doesn't resemble baseball in any other way. I asked My Friend where his pants were and he said, "Physical education."



"You never have pants on."

Apparently this is a sensitive issue within the group because I seemed to hit on something massively funny.

"Always physical education. I'm very strong boy."

Good enough for me.

Now, back to the madness.


cherry garcia said...

internet....skype me up, babeh.


I'm no Picasso said...


Now we actually have to start dealing with this time difference....

vai said...

Thank you darling :) :*