Oh, boys.

This is why segregating the genders doesn't work. At all.

Also, I'm kinda annoyed at Coteacher. I don't think she means to, but she freaks me out sometimes and it's completely unnecessary. I had a brand new class of second graders today, so I had just planned on doing lesson 10 from the book at top speed, and then moving on to all the other junk I have to teach them about speaking on the phone. When she came in, however, Coteacher marched right over to the desk and said, "Lesson 12?"

Fucking. What? I started to teach lesson 12 to some classes earlier this week and was told I was going too fast, that they hadn't started lesson 12 yet. So I explained that I had planned on doing lesson 10. She just looked at me and said, "We are on lesson 12."

So I nixed the book and went straight on to the other shit I had prepared. Cutting out the book, however, left me with five minutes at the end of class. It should have left me with ten to fifteen, but I managed to come up with some related impromptu nonsense. So I told the boys, you know, we've got five minutes left. Just hang out, whatever. And she looks at me and says, "We have five minutes left. Is there a game you can play with the students?"

No, there's not a fucking game I can play with the students.

So after class, I approached her and asked her if we could work out a way that I can know what lesson each of my five coteachers is working on with what class at any given time, because it's very confusing for me to be told I need to be on a certain lesson, but not be told what that lesson is. She explained to me that although she is on lesson 12, she has not taught my portion of the book to the boys from lesson 9 on, so I can teach whatever lesson I want -- it doesn't matter.

......... What the fuck was the "We're on lesson 12" bullshit about, then? Just caused a really unnecessary awkward five minutes at the end of a brand new class for no reason.

Language barriers. Cultural differences. I know. I know. But come on.

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