So Guy, my favorite person in the world aka the guy (ha ha) handling this whole recruitment nonsense, sent me an email today demanding to know where my visa is and when I'm leaving for Korea, which was funny because I was just about to send him an email with basically the same content. This was then followed almost immediately by a bizarrely chummy email stating that he was leaving the agency to go back to school and get his masters and that it had been really great working with me, but not to contact him anymore.

Red flags? Anyone?

So now I'm back to the original guy who was totally inefficient at answering any of my questions but could call at 8 am on a Saturday just to check if I was still alive, named... well I don't remember and that's not important anyway. What this means is that a significant portion of my day tomorrow will probably be spent explaining things people should already know. And as for what the hell happened to Scott Kim in Korea, well that's anyone's guess.

Mike and I probably need to speak on the actual telephone soon. Just to confirm that we both have the exact same non-information and absolutely no idea what's going on.

I want to leave. I do not want another month here. I'm sorry. I love everyone and home is where the heart is. But I want to leave. Now.

I need to watch Obama's speech, but I can't concentrate on anything right now. I can't even hold conversations because there's this big distracting question mark looming over everything.

Things I do know about the immediate future:

1. Steph and I are eating donuts and watching Degrassi tomorrow night.

"It's never the right time for donuts," is what I said to her.

I can't eat them in the mornings because that much sugar so early makes me ill. We never make it out of our pajamas before lunch, and we eat too much for dinner to follow it with anything at all, especially donuts. But she's standing firm on this one, I think.

Shame, though. The whole idea originally was to get donuts early in the morning so we could throw them from the car window at passing joggers. Because healthy people are annoying.

2. Heath is coming up on Saturday. I don't know if we are going to Fry Street or not, but I sort of hope not. The Denton bar scene leaves something(s) to be desired, and I'm not usually pleased with bar scenes as it is. I'd be happier sitting in just the three of us splitting a bottle of red and catching up. I'm getting old, what can I say?

3. Cheesecake is supposed to factor into all of this somehow. The basic outline I'm getting is that we're going to replace all our normal meals with horrible desserts this weekend. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Going through old photos messes with my head. I think I've had six lives already. And here I go, getting mixed up in a new one.

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MikejGrey said...

You can gimme a call tomorrow and we can compare non-notes. At least you got an email from Guy. I just got the mass one sent out.