Be back soon.

I'm a shit blogger. I know. I'm sorry. I'm on vacation. I've been making excuses since July.

But seriously. This time of year is just like this. Now I'm off to Glasgow/Italy for two weeks, and then it's back to settle in for a new school year. Back to the routine. For now, though, it's easier to just throw little things up over at tumblr. I'll leave this blog here for now, with a bit of copy and paste:

I always make the cheeseball comment that I fall in love with places, and not people. But it’s kind of true. And the other part of the truth is that I fall in love with places for the people. I mean, Glasgow? Come on now.

Either way, I’m getting sappy about two weeks away from Korea already. I’m not even on the damn plane yet. Met up with Grace to book Big Bang tickets and have one last go at the samgyeopsal and soju before I hit the road. Left one of the very lovely leather gloves my coworker gave me for Christmas in the taxi. Son of a bitch. Had a chat with an ajeosshi at the restaurant about how JFK was shot from the third floor in Dallas (sixth, actually, but you don’t correct an elder, and that’s all up for debate anyway). Watched the Korean girls re-layering all their particularly Korean winter gear on the bus as we finally pulled back in my neighborhood — wrist warmers, circle scarves and very fuzzy hats. Smiled as the kid at the pyeon-eui-jeom grinned at my ‘cute’ Korean. Paid 2,500 won for a pack of cigarettes.

Korea. Come with me, yeah? Don’t forget me while I’m away. Be back soon.


Jackie said...

Happy holidays! You will actually be just up the road from me fairly soon as I live in south west Scotland. : )

Anonymous said...

Have a super holiday :)