Pervert student: handled.

Well, I don't think I'll have to worry about the pervert first grader again. I didn't mean to scare him as badly as I did. Sometimes, when they act that way, I forget for a minute how they really are children. I also forget that they get the absolute gentlest version of my personality 95% of the time, and it can be quite shocking when I suddenly shift the way that I can sometimes.

I was standing there preparing the computer for class at the podium, like I always do. He came and stood two inches from my face and stared, like he always does. I told him to go away, twice. He moved closer. I pushed him away. He went away for a second and then came back. He started to grab at me as if to try to kiss me again.

I just fucking snapped. Not in like a 'rage' way, but in the sense that I left "teacher" mode and switched into "just fucking Liz" mode. I wasn't actually angry -- just fed up. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed his wrist in mid-grope and twisted it around behind his back, got right in his face and asked if he wanted to go to the haksaengbu. I didn't even raise my voice, but my face must have changed quite severely or something, because he looked fucking terrified. I'm also a lot stronger than I look, and I wasn't exactly gripping his wrist lightly. I let go of his wrist and he ran off to stand behind his friends.

Whoops. Not so grown up afterall. Anyway, it was better than whatever the haksaengbu would've done to him.


Nathan said...

Well, better he learns that lesson at this age than when stakes are higher another ten years down the track

I'm no Picasso said...

Unfortunately, I don't think he really learned anything other than I'm a little scarier than he first thought. I still wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley in ten years. I'll put it that way.

Anonymous said...

I constantly surprise myself at how immature i must be (and look). Arm bars and 'chinese' burns are still funnier than ever, though.